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Winx by winx. Yeah The magic's on the way Lyrics from: https:/lyrics.az/winx-club /-/bloomix.html Chorus: Bloomix call my name. Bloomix play the game together. Bloomix, play the game together! Bloomix, take my hand and get out to play! Oh, oh, oh, oh! Bloomix, takes you high! Bloomix, to the sky forever! Bloomix, how. We're Magic All The Way is the opening song for season seven. Credits Music by: Michele Bettali.

Stronger, faster and up for the game. This is me, Butterflix In my heart I feel burning the flame of. Butterflix. U-oh oh-oh-oh. Feeling wonderful, mighty, powerful. Fairy Moments is a song featured in "The Fairy Godmother" and "Stella's Big Party". The English version is heard in the English and Italian trailer of the game. Apr 8, 2013 Lyrics of WE ARE THE WINX! (WINX CLUB THEME SONG) by Television: Close your eyes, And open your heart, Believ in in yourself, That's.

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